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Over the years, Pride Dairy has added more and more items to their product line. Far gone are the days of just producing ice cream and butter, these days Pride Dairy sales a little bit of everything from cheeses to caramels.


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cheesecurd1 cheeses2 fourchesses3
We offer individually wrapped 8 oz blocks of cheese in a great variety of flavors. Our cheeses are sealed in air-tight packages and has a stable shelf life. We guarantee they will arrive fresh and delicious through our priority shipping.

Mild Cheddar Medium Cheddar Salami  
Farmers Pepperjack Bacon  
Garlic Co-Jack Vegetable  

Cheese - $4.00


Try our New Product Line

 Favored Cheese Curds in 8oz containers

Cheese Curds - $4.50



Caramel & Honey

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  • honey
  • caramelbox
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caramelsyrup1 honey2 caramelbox3 carameltop4
After noticing a lack of high-quality, premium flavored caramels in the market, Pride Dairy decided to take an old family caramel recipe and run with it. Today, we manufacturer and sell individually wrapped caramels in 8 piece gift boxes.

We took that caramel recipe and adapted into a caramel topping that is to die for! We have been using the homemade caramel topping on our caramel sundaes in our milkshakes for a while and decided to bottle it up for our customers. Our caramel topping comes in an 10 oz glass jar. It's superb drizzled on ice cream. Looking for a healthier alternative? It's also great lightly drizzled on apple slices.

Pride Dairy also makes and bottles honey made on a local bee farm. This impeccable honey comes in 10 oz jars.

Caramels - $5.50

Caramel Topping - $6.00

Honey - $6.00

Syrups & Toppings

  • june
  • choke
  • rhubarb
  • raspsy
  • minijar
june1 choke2 rhubarb3 raspsy4 minijar5
Pride Dairy produces four high-quality and incredibly delicious syrups and toppings. The topping and syrups are made from local, North Dakota grown produce and come in 8oz and 4oz glass bottles.

We offer Juneberry, Raspberry and Rhubarb-Strawberry toppings and a Chokecherry syrup. The difference between the toppings and syrups is that toppings have fruit particles in them, while the syrup have no particles. These go great on ice cream, pancakes and whatever else you can think of. Feeling adventurous? Spread your favorite topping on pork chops and throw them on the grill!

Regular Toppings-$8.00

Topping Flavors

Mini Toppings - $4.00

Topping Flavors

Gift Boxes

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giftbox1 pancakesyrupgiftbox2 fourchesses3 giftbox24
Gift boxes that are the perfect gift for holidays, events, and to take home to enjoy.

They come in varied size, price and content. Below are Pride Dairy most popular gift boxes.

Gift Box #1 - $20.00

This gift box features
four Pride Diary cheeses
of your choosing
First Cheese Flavor
Second Cheese Flavor
Third Cheese Flavor
Fourth Cheese Flavor

Gift Box #2 - $28.00

This gift box features
One Topping, a Cloverdale Summer
Sausage and two of our cheeses
First Cheese Flavor
Second Cheese Flavor

Gift Box #3 - $31.00

This gift box features
three Pride Dairy toppings
You can choose one of each,
a mixture, or all one flavor.
Your choice.
#1 Flavor
#2 Flavor
#3 Flavor

Gift Box #4 - $30.00

This gift box features
two Pride Dairy toppings
and your choice between
a caramel topping, honey,
or 8pk caramel.
First Topping
Second Topping
Caramel or Honey

Gift Box #5 - $38.00

This gift box features
a Cloverdale Summer Suasage,
two toppings and two cheeses
First Cheese
Second Cheese
First Topping
Second Topping


Support the BEST ICE CREAM IN NORTH DAKOTA by sporting a Pride Dairy T-Shirt!


Pride Dairy
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T-Shirt - $16.00



Pride Dairy
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